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The Story of Katherine Swynford

After reading ‘Katherine’ when she was seventeen – the author found that she loved Anya Seton’s novel about Katherine Swynford so much, it made her want to discover what Katherine’s life was like – so Carol Sargeant set out to find out ‘what really happened’. If Chaucer was your brother-in-law; John Wycliffe your good friend; and the most powerful man in England – John of Gaunt, the great Duke of Lancaster – your lover . . . what would your life be like? Katherine Swynford (de Roet) is one of the most enigmatic women in history; yet she sat at the centre of some of the greatest changes the world has known. Read more

About the Author

To say that ‘Love, Honour and Royal Blood’ is well researched is an understatement. Thirty is roughly the number of years that I spent researching this trilogy and Katherine Swynford – all to answer a single question! Having read Anya Seton’s lovely book, ‘Katherine’ when I was seventeen - and in spite of the fact that I loved and was moved by the book, I found that I wanted to know so much more - so I set out to find out ‘what really happened’. What is the story of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford? Read more

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Excerpt from the Book

To find Katherine Swynford's story I had to find John of Gaunt’s story – and John of Gaunt’s story is too large to be contained within one volume. This trilogy, entitled Love, Honour, and Royal Blood was 30 years in the making in more ways than one. Read more

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